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Lingedia’s English vocabulary size test. 

Have you ever wondered how big is your English vocabulary size? Can we accurately measure it? At Lingedia, we’ve developed this specialized test to estimate vocabulary size. By analyzing data from thousands of native and non-native English speakers, we’ve uncovered some exciting insights.

How does the test work?

Lingedia’s vocabulary test provides an accurate estimation of your English vocabulary size. here is how it works:



  1. Word Selection:

    • We’ve curated a list of 19,300 commonly used English words.
    • These words are ordered by their frequency of use in the language.
  2. Adaptive Algorithm:

    • As you progress through the test, our algorithm dynamically adjusts the difficulty level.
    • Your previous answers influence the next word presented.
    • If you answer correctly, the challenge increases; if not, it becomes more manageable.



Test accuracy

The test is accurate, but your honest answers are crucial for precise results.
Follow these guidelines:




  1. Answer Honestly:

    • Only mark a word as “known” if you genuinely understand its meaning.
    • Avoid guessing or selecting “Yes” indiscriminately.
  2. Repeat the Test:

    • For the most accurate assessment, take the test multiple times.
    • Calculate the average of your results to gauge your vocabulary size effectively.



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