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Lingedia: All the necessary tools to learn English: Dictionary, Translation, Vocabulary builder, Videos with subtitles, Speaking and listening exercises, Reading materials, Word lists

All English in one app

Dictionary & Translation


In one place translate any word and get access to all necessary resources like Oxford and Collins dictionaries, Youglish video examples, Google images and more
Lingedia Dictionary & Translation

Vocabulary Builder

By using spaced repetition technique and integrating it with the quiz, We helped our users to memorize thousands of words.
Lingedia Vocabulary builder

Vocabulary Size Test

Take this quick test to get an estimation of your vocabulary size and know where you stand among native speakers
English Vocabulary Size Test​

Speaking Exercises (Shadowing)

Master your speaking skill and speak like a native with Lingedia’s shadowing technique 
Speaking Practice (Shadowing)

Listening Practice

Listen to video clips and answer the quiz 
Lingedia Listening Practice

Word Lists

Word lists that cover a wide range of academic and everyday English
Lingedia Word Lists​

Videos with Subtitles


Videos from movies, series, TV shows and more.
Click any word to translate and save to your list.
Lingedia Videos with subtitles

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